Blogger Program

1. What is the #LuckyGorg Influencer program?

#LuckyGorgs wave the beach and you can wave the social media! No matter you are our regular customers or KOL, you can join our program to become #LuckyGorg, as long as you think you are a fashionista, who loves swimwear and is willing to share and show off the products you have selected on our website or social media.


2. What can we offer for #LuckyGorgs?

(1) #LuckyGorgs can enjoy one free sample from new arrivals and best-selling products we provide unregularly. These free samples can be used as props for posting pictures or videos on social media. Here are the hyperlinks to select products: New Products, Best Sellers.

(2) If you have a significant promotion effect on your own social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok or other platforms), Luckybop will continue to offer free help to promote your channel, expand your influence and build your IP image with our strength. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to become our contracted model and be included in show model list in priority.

(3) Purchasing your favorite products at employee discount or free, and getting additional discount coupons, birthday coupons and double points.

(4) You can also tell us what we can do for you.


3. How to become a #LuckyGorg?

If you are our regular customer or a KOL with followers (how many), please contact us via the email directly to request for free sample. After passing our internal review, you only need to share your photos or videos on social media or our website! Don't worry about failing to be selected, because you will receive a special gift we prepared for you as long as you participate in!


Please refer the template email:

Hello Luckybop’s PR,


I am (name), writing to let you know that l want to be #LuckyGorg. I am your regular customer/an

influencer with (how many) followers on (which social media).

Here is my personal information:

1.Facebook account:

2.Instagram account:

3.Youtube channel:

4.Tiktok ID:

5.3-6 Lifephotos



(Your name)